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Supersheen is a leading UK metal finishing company offering a range of different services including vibro deburring. Our family owned business has been providing metal finishing services for over fifty years. As a result of this experience, we have plenty of knowledge when it comes to the sectors we serve.

Our services can support a range of different industries including:

    • Automotive
    • Architectural
    • Aerospace
    • Motorsport
    • Manufacturing

For both small and big component sizes, Supersheen will provide a quick turnaround. Additionally, it is crucial to test the components to determine the level of finish when thinking about how to remove press oil, machining oil, waxes, and other chemicals that are present on metal surfaces. We therefore provide a FREE process testing service. As a result, you can test components and get a complete cost analysis.

Vibro Deburring At Supersheen

Vibratory finishing is something that our company is proud to specialise in, focusing particularly on vibro deburring and a range of other services. So what is vibro deburring?

In short, vibro deburring is a process used to remove sharp burrs on materials to give them a smooth and uniform finish. Burrs can significantly impact the functionality, efficiency, and lifespan of a component. If burrs are present, they have the potential to reduce the resistance to fractures, increase unwanted friction, jeopardise lubrication, increase the risk of corrosion, and even render the part unsafe for handling alongside many other risks. So, with this in mind, smoothing the rough edges and ridges of components is incredibly important.

The Benefits Of Vibro Deburring

Needless to say, there are of course other types of techniques which can also deburr parts including manual, thermal and electrochemical processes. However, vibratory deburring is one of the stand out procedures and it has some notable advantages.

Some of the benefits of vibro deburring include:

  • Suitable for use on fragile and delicate components
  • Can complete large-scale projects quickly and efficiently.
  • Due to requiring little labour, the process is very cost effective
  • It can reduce imperfections of parts and therefore improve the cosmetic appeal

At Supersheen, we are proud to be able to offer fast solutions for high-volume jobs. Our experience has enabled us to grow in our capabilities. Furthermore, we’ve invested heavily in our facilities over the years to be able to be as versatile as possible when it comes to our vibratory finishing services.

Supersheen A Better Finish, Faster.

We Guarantee Quality With A Fast Efficient Turnaround

We know that a simple search for metal finishing companies in the West Midlands will provide you with many choices. However, at Supersheen we believe that our experience and knowledge in the industry sets us apart by a long way from our competitors. We don’t just offer a service to our customers, we offer them our expertise and transparency. Your projects become our projects, and you can guarantee we’ll go the extra mile to ensure we deliver on your requirements to the highest levels.

Do I Need Vibro Deburring?

Burr removal and Radiusing sharp edges can be done on all types of components utilising vibratory and barrel deburring techniques. Vibro deburring is suitable for lots of different parts and as a result is used across all sorts of industries and applications.

Some common industries that rely on vibro deburring include:


  • Automotive: This sector deals with huge chunks of metal which need smoothing out to be safe and fit for use. Vibro deburring buffs the metal to ensure it functions correctly within the vehicle.
  • Medical: The medical industry often uses vibro deburring to meet the high safety levels this sector demands. Manufacturers often make medical instruments from metal and must smooth them as much as possible to minimize the risk of injury. Vibro deburring helps to create polished tools that are safe for use.
  • Sports: From hockey boards to skate blades, the sports sector is another industry that uses vibro deburring to create flawless metal components that are safe to use.

Metals You Can Vibro Deburr

The vibro deburring process is incredibly adaptable depending on the type of material going into the machine.

With this in mind, there are a wealth of metals that can be used in vibro deburring including:

  • Mild Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Cast Iron
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Aluminium
  • Zinc
  • Titanium
  • Magnesium

What is the purpose of vibro deburring?

Many different manufacturing applications use vibro deburring as either a preliminary or finishing process. Vibro deburring creates smooth finished edges or polishes parts ahead of their electroplating, thereby improving the safety, efficiency, and alignment of components

What is a vibro deburring machine?

The vibro deburring machine is the name of the vibrating machine that the media and the components go into. The deburring machine, vibrating up to 3000 times a minute, smooths out, washes, and chemically treats the rough edges​​.

What is the difference between vibro deburring and vibratory deburring?

None at all. Vibro is a shortened version of vibratory and both terms are commonly referred to.

About this Process

As mentioned above, the vibro deburring process is incredibly versatile, it has the ability to deburr brass, steel & many more materials. This is one of the reasons it is used so widely across various industries. Generally speaking, vibro deburring involves specific moulded pellets being placed into the container of a vibratory tumbler.

This container along with the components requiring deburring are then vibrated through the machinery. The machine can vibrate between 1500-3000 times a minute, causing the media (the abrasive/polishing materials) and the component to shake and tumble together around the machine. As the container and the products vibrate, the excess residue and debris on the components is removed completely, resulting in a smooth finish.

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Our Processes At Supersheen

We proudly offer a free trial service at Supersheen so that our customers can sample our services before handing over the entire project. We are confident in our capabilities and as a result welcome the opportunity to showcase what we have to offer to our customers before they invest fully in our services.

At Supersheen, our company strives to keep our processes as simple as possible when it comes to booking our vibro deburring services.

Firstly, once you’ve made initial contact with us (this is usually by phone or email), we’ll get in touch to acknowledge your enquiry. This is usually the best opportunity to find out any further information we need to start the process. After that, we’ll then request access to any drawings for the job and find out everything you are wishing to achieve from the finish.

A free trial service will be offered next so that both parties are confident that the chosen metal finishing service will deliver the desired results. Either you can come to our premises to deliver the parts that are being trialled, or they can be posted to our premises. Once trialled, we’ll return your parts to you so that you can assess our work and make a decision as to whether or not you would like to proceed with the full service.

Discuss Your Requirements with Our Team

If after the trial it’s established that vibratory deburring isn’t the most appropriate service for your requirements, then there’s no need to worry. With our experience and expertise, we can talk you through some more suitable options and support you in choosing the right service.

Other than vibro deburring, some alternative services that our company offers include:


About Supersheen

The five decades spent serving industries all over the country has ensured that we know exactly how to meet the demands of our customers. At Supersheen we don’t ever compromise on quality and strive to deliver projects and services to the highest standard every time. Additionally we pride ourselves on our proactive and transparent approach to metal finishing; we’ll always offer honest advice to our customers. As a result, we’ve earned ourselves a fantastic reputation for quality products, speedy turnaround times, and a friendly team that always goes above and beyond to deliver.

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