Summary. We excel in vibro deburring services, using vibratory polishing media like ceramic to ensure smooth, efficient component finishes. Ideal for automotive and medical industries, this process enhances part safety and longevity.


Vibro deburring is one of our most sought-after services here at Supersheen. Companies from a diverse range of industries, including those in the medical and sports sectors, trust our deburring services. It’s a process that uses metal finishing media to optimise components’ safety, efficiency and alignment.

Vibro deburring stands unmatched in its polishing capabilities, whether for preliminary or finishing purposes. But what media is in use during this process? From the deburring machine itself to the moulded pellets inside, each element is crucial to strip the sharp burrs from the components and result in a smooth and uniform finish.

What does this technique use to achieve optimum deburring results?

We use several components to ensure that our deburring services enable maximum performance and longevity of parts.

The Vibro Deburring Machine

The most crucial piece of equipment for this finishing technique is the vibrating machine. We place all vibratory polishing media and metal items into the machine’s bowl.After that, it will begin to vibrate up to 3000 times a minute. This level of motion comprehensively grinds down, washes, and chemically treats even the sharpest edges.

People often refer to these machines as vibratory bowls due to their pot-like appearance.

Moulded Pellets/Media

The vibratory polishing media used for vibro deburring is specific to the components being deburred. Most commonly, ceramic media is used. This is due to its high density, tough nature and durability. In fact, manufacturers use ceramic media in burnishing and other polishing methods, primarily for steel, stainless steel, and titanium.

Once it has been placed into the container of the vibratory tumbler, the vibrations begin, causing the metal finishing media to shake and tumble against the components. The process immediately removes all excess residue, debris, sharp edges, and even rust. Leaving a sleek, shiny and flawless surface area.

Is vibro deburring right for your project?

At Supersheen, we offer a selection of metal finishing services designed to achieve a variety of results. As mentioned, our vibro deburring services focus on eradicating sharp edges and debris for a polished part. This is especially helpful if you’re in the automotive or medical industries.

Why use vibro deburring in the automotive sector?

If you are based in car manufacturing, vibro deburring is ideal for buffing large metal parts so that they function seamlessly when fitted into the vehicle—for instance, gearbox parts.

How is vibro deburring used in the medical sector?

Secondly, we regularly offer our deburring services to medical companies. Due to medicine’s safety requirements, vibro deburring offers a level of reliability unmatched elsewhere. For instance, where medical instruments are concerned, they need to be immaculately smooth to avoid injury when used.

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