Summary. Supersheen’s vapour degreasing technology effectively cleans industrial metal parts using vaporised solvents and ultrasonics. This eco-friendly, cost-efficient method efficiently removes stubborn contaminants and supports finishing processes, making it a top choice for industries requiring high-standard cleaning and maintenance.

Vapour degreasing technology is heavily used for cleaning and maintenance in the industrial goods sector. This premium surface finishing method uses vaporised solvents to clean metal workpieces, ready for further finishing.

At Supersheen, our system enables parts to be immersed in the solvents before coming into contact with ultrasonics. Our compatible parts vary in size, shape and material. Even larger parts (from two metres long) can be handled.

Furthermore, our vapour degreasing solutions are especially effective due to the additional ultrasonic cleaning abilities embodied in the process. Consequently, making our company sought after by some of the biggest industrial names in the nation.

Why is Vapour Degreasing a Popular Cleaning Method in the Industrial Sector?

The primary purpose of vapour degreasing technology is to rid of oils and other contaminants found on the surface of metal parts. The solvent-cleaning approach is preferred due to its efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and eco-friendliness. Additionally, it’s easy-to-follow process attains the most pristine surfaces on even the most tough-to-clean components.

Compatibility with Most Materials

It is compatible with most materials and is remarkable for attending to even the most stubborn deep recesses that manual cleaning cannot combat.

Effective Cleaning of Even the Most Stubborn Contaminants

In the industrial sector, harsh oil-based substances continuously subject metal surfaces to contamination. Therefore, workers must clean and finish these surfaces to a high standard before distribution. Our vapour degreasing services use a sophisticated chemistry that is renowned for its cleaning performance.


As well as achieving immaculacy in all metal parts, the industrial industry requires intensive cleaning processes to sustain health and safety regulations. So, vapour degreasing is an excellent choice of metal finishing as is an eco-friendly cleaning method that does not generate harmful waste.

Cleaning systems have had to evolve and improve in line with industry demands. And vapour degreasing solutions have quickly become favoured by relevant authorities due to the matchless results it achieves.

Reducing Maintenance Costs

Vapour degreasing not only deep cleans surfaces, but it allows for long-term protection against oil, wax, grease and other non-water dissolvable particles. This eliminates the need for further cleaning to maintain parts in pristine condition. Not to mention, it’s a vital step for many completing procedures such as painting, patching, welding and bonding.

Supports Finishing Processes

Thus, supporting the finishing process of a component, giving it vast amounts of protection and performance-enhancing properties. Vapour degreasing technology greatly benefits businesses by reducing time, money, and concerns about parts not meeting cleaning standards.


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