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Supersheen: The Ultimate Sub-contract Vapour Degreasing Service For Your Company

Supersheen is an experienced metal finishing company offering a range of different vibratory finishing services. Like many of our services, we can adapt vapour degreasing for a wide range of companies, showcasing its flexibility. This ofcourse depending on the types of parts undergoing the service.

A family-owned business, Supersheen has been serving and supporting many different businesses all over the country for over fifty years. As a result has a wealth of knowledge and expertise when it comes to metal finishing.

We ensure to deliver you a fast and efficient turnaround on small and large batch quantities. When considering removal of press oil, machining oil, waxes and other substances present on metal surfaces, it’s vital to test the components to see the standard of finish. So, we offer a FREE process testing service. Therefore, you can submit components for trial and receive a full cost analysis.

Vapour Degreasing At Supersheen

Vapour degreasing is a type of metal surface finishing process we offer here at Supersheen, but what actually is it? Generally speaking, vapour degreasing uses solvents in a vapour form to clean a workpiece in preparation for further finishing processes.

The solvent cleaning process washes oils and other contaminants off of the metal parts and is especially effective for cleaning small parts that have deep recesses which are hard to clean by hand.

The Benefits Of Vapour Degreasing

Vapour degreasing is one of the most effective cleaning methods for removing contaminants on metal and it can be used at any stage of the manufacturing process.

Some key benefits of vapour degreasing include:

  • Superior cleaning efficiency – Cleans and gets ready part surfaces for different completing procedures like painting, welding, patching and bonding.
  • Due to using solvents, components dry quickly without the need of a secondary drying process
  • The solvents can be continuously recycled making it a more economical cleaning process over time
  • No solvent radiated with vacuum degreasers
  • Does not cause part oxidation or water spots
  • Can be utilised on electronic parts to uproot overabundance oil, grease, wax and other non-water dissolvable particles


Supersheen A Better Finish, Faster.

We Guarantee Quality With A Fast Efficient Turnaround

Supersheen offers the most comprehensive vapour degreasing services for small batch work as well as large tonnage, all metals, miniatures or machined details up to 2 metres long. In addition, we offer a 24 hour turnaround.

Is vapour degreasing right for you?

Any industry where precision cleaning is required for manufactured parts is likely to consider vapour degreasing.

  • Electronics: Vapour degreasing is sometimes used to remove the flux and polar contaminants from printed circuit boards. It’s also used to clean electronic assemblies.
  • Aerospace: Aerospace manufacturing firms may also rely on vapour degreasing for its accuracy. The precision cleaning process is commonly used for dye removal during non-destructive testing applications, along with pre-coating cleaning and post-plating applications.
  • General metal fabrication: Metal fabricators often use vapour degreasing for the removal of typical industry-related contaminants such as greases, lubricants, and cutting fluids.
  • Automotive: Electric cars and batteries require the highest levels of cleanliness on their components – levels of which vapour degreasing can achieve.

Metals that can be vapour degreaser

Vapour degreasing is suitable for most metals including:

  • Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Iron
Due to the precise nature of vapour degreasing, the process is generally suited to smaller items such as brackets, bolts and shims.

Other components include pressed aluminium parts, pressed panels, machined components, extrusions, cold formed components, lithium battery parts, tubes and components up to 2 metres long.

What is ultrasonic degreasing?

Ultrasonic degreasing is an enhanced version of vapour degreasing. A sump collects distilled solvent and is equipped with ultrasonic transducers. The ultrasonic energy creates a “scrubbing” action, making it an even more effective cleaning process.

What are some example vapour degreasing applications?

Vapour degreasing can be used for many applications. Some common examples include:

– Removing oil from parts
– Cleaning inserts that will be moulded into other material
– Preparing parts for finishing processes such as powder coating and welding

Is vapour degreasing expensive?

The vapour degreasing price completely depends on the size of the project. However, despite the higher cost of solvents, the ability to reuse the chemicals means spending less on the entire process each time.

About this Process

The vapour degreasing process starts with boiling the cleaning solvent into vapours and fumes. The warm vapours rise up in the machine due to their lower density, but a layer of coolness traps them, creating a temperature inversion. The machine then condenses the vapours back into their liquid form, allowing for repeated reuse.

This method of precision metal cleaning perfectly suits items that cannot be exposed to liquid, since the physical liquids in the vapour degreasing process never touch the component at all. Our vapour degreasing service removes unwanted substances from parts that require cleaning before painting. Furthermore, the Supersheen degreasing method employs immersion in a solvent, incorporating ultrasonic agitation followed by a vapour stage ensuring 100% quality results, time after time.

Vapour Degreasing Services

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Our Processes At Supersheen

AT Supersheen we want our customers to be fully confident in our vapour degreasing services which is why we offer a free trial of the service to begin with. Firstly, we’ll look at your initial enquiry and ask any questions needed to gain any further information we need. After that, we’ll request access to any drawings for the job and find out everything you are wishing to achieve from the finish.

We’ll use your own component in the vapour degreasing sample service which you can either drop off at our premises or post. Once trialled, we’ll return your parts to you so that you can look at our work and make sure it’s suitable for your requirements. If you’d prefer to explore other options, our experienced team is on hand to talk you through other suitable options.

About Supersheen

The five decades spent serving industries all over the country has ensured that we know exactly how to meet the demands of our customers. At Supersheen we don’t ever compromise on quality and strive to deliver projects and services to the highest standard every time. Additionally we pride ourselves on our proactive and transparent approach to metal finishing; we’ll always offer honest advice to our customers. As a result, we’ve earned ourselves a fantastic reputation for quality products, speedy turnaround times and a friendly team that always goes above and beyond to deliver.

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