The vapour degreasing machine comprises of a metal tank with a heated solvent base, at the bottom and a cooling compartment towards the top of the machine itself

To start with a measured amount of heat is pumped into the chamber to boil the chemicals and generate the hot solvent mixed gas (vapour.) Because the hot gas is heavier than the air, it pushes the air up and fills the tank up to the cooling area.
When the vapour from the chemicals reaches the top of the cooling area of the machine, .the temperature difference between the hot gas and the cold item being degreased causes the chemical gas to condense on to thus attach itself to the item and dissolve the grease, wax, etc.

Vapour degreasing is an amazing technology that is perfect for products that cannot be introduced to water and/or other liquids as well as not having other methods of degreasing or polishing, the vapour method keeps the physical liquids away from the product.