Summary. Supersheen specialises in vibro deburring, a leading mass finishing service that removes burrs and sharp edges, offering versatile tumble deburring services. Ideal for degreasing, polishing, descaling, and de-rusting in manufacturing, it achieves immaculate surfacing across various applications.


Vibro Deburring is one of the most superior abrasive finishing techniques available today. Its purpose is to remove burrs and sharp edges that are a consequence of pressing or machining. The meticulous mass finishing service follows the contours of any given component, therefore flawlessly changing the dimensions.

The manufacturing sector relies heavily on tumble deburring services to achieve immaculate surfacing for a range of applications. Whether you use it for edge finishing or the degreasing of parts, its versatility and matchless results continue to be sought after.

How is Vibro Deburring Achieved?

Vibro deburring is one of our most prestigious mass finishing services. It is undergone by parts being introduced into a vibrating machine. Vibrations occur 1500 to 3000 times a minute at an amplitude of about three to four millimetres. Component parts react positively to this motion, especially when combined with media.

Media, named for the abrasive or polishing materials in the machine, works alongside parts. When combined with a water-based cleaning solution or abrasive compound, it enhances the cutting effect.

Furthermore, the vibrations cause the media and components to rub together, as well as simultaneously being washed and chemically treated throughout the entire deburring process. Therefore, this finishing technique offers many advantages, such as polishing, descaling, cleaning, and de-rusting.

When is Vibro Deburring Used?

Vibro Deburring services have several purposes in the manufacturing sector.

Degreasing of Parts

Many manufacturing outlets, especially in the automotive sector, deal with greasy parts on a day-to-day basis. Due to the comprehensive system of Vibro Deburring, the media and water-based cleaning solution work together to relinquish any debris, grease, and unwanted coatings that are sat on a component’s surfacing.

Polishing of Parts

In a similar sense, this tumble deburring service uses vibrations to cause friction between the media and metal parts until fully polished. They then may be dried or cleansed. Surfaces can look pristine once this is complete; offering an aesthetically pleasing sheen that suits industries that consider appearance.

Descaling of Parts

Mass finishing services such as Vibro Deburring are incomparable in descaling. Descaling refers to the removal of heat treatment oxides on parts. As previously mentioned, the intricate cutting system abides by contours so that surfaces are intensely smoothened.

De-Rusting of Parts

Lastly, in a similar sense, Vibro Deburring can counteract rust. Which is especially beneficial for components that have the requirements to withstand extreme weather conditions. Abrasion can reduce performance and quality aesthetics in metal parts. However, tumble deburring services can reverse such implications, offering unblemished surface configuration on all types of metal parts.

There is also Micro-finishing that can achieve very low micro-inch finishes on parts. Not to mention, deburring offers a thorough cleaning method.

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