Derusting And Descaling

Supersheen Offer Sample Tests On Your Components To Prove Viability And Quality Standard Of Finish, Testing Is Offered Free Of Charge.


Supersheen offer unique processes for de-rusting ferrous components. After rust removal parts are subjected to inhibitor process ensuring good shelf life for treated components.


Supersheen offer processes for the removal of heat treatment oxides and scale removal from components utilising vibratory and barrel finishing techniques, treating millions of components produced by the automotive, aerospace, white goods, building and architectural and fastener industries to name a few, as well as finishing Nuts, bolts, rivets, screws, bolt and screw blanks.

Supersheen can treat parts up to 2 metres long requiring oxide or stain removal.

Supersheen A Better Finish Faster.

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Rust removal on steel and iron parts, Supersheen offer a safe and eco-friendly solution for rust removal, resulting in a clean, rust free product inhibited against corrosion, with good shelf life.

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Vibratory Finishing and Polishing

Vibratory finishing can be used for deburring and polishing, the methods used usually employ media, the name given to particles in the vibratory chamber.

Barrel Polishing

Barrel polishing & vibratory techniques used extensively on presswork , fasteners, machined aluminium, diecast aluminium, zinc, stainless steel and brass stampings.

Vapour Degreasing

Vapour degreasing by Supersheen is the process on components by the most eco-friendly process available. We also offer a free process testing to any company submitting components for trial.

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