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Metal Derusting and Descaling Services At Supersheen

As expert metal finishers in Birmingham and the UK, we have plenty of knowledge when it comes to creating high quality finished parts. Having over fifty years of experience enables us to provide high quality metal derusting and descaling services with a fast turn around.

We work with a range of different industries and as such have established a fantastic reputation for metal finishing. Some of the industries we work with include:

  • Automotive
  • Architectural
  • Aerospace
  • Motorsport
  • Manufacturing
  • White goods
  • Architectural

Take advantage of our FREE component sample test which we will provide a complete cost analysis is given upon completion.

Derusting and Descaling Services At Supersheen

Derusting and descaling are types of metal finishing services used to improve the overall appearance and functionality of a part. When components have been left exposed to water or damp (such as being left outside) they have simply aged, rust can quickly take over the part. Rust decreases the overall lifespan of a component and also can make the parts unsuitable for use due to not being safe. With this in mind, it’s important that any signs of rust or corrosion are quickly addressed – this is especially important if you have left your parts exposed to moisture in a warehouse and intend to use them in the near future.

Descaling focuses on removing other unwanted surface deposits alongside rust in order to provide a smooth surface finish. Both derusting and descaling are also sometimes used as a pre-finishing process in which they help to prepare a component’s surface ahead of the final finishing process (such as powder coating).

The Benefits Of Derusting and Descaling

Some benefits of derusting and descaling include:

  • Improves overall surface finish – both derusting and descaling can create a smooth and attractive surface finish for the component
  • Enhance paint adhesion – whether the parts are being powder coated or e-coated, by creating a smooth surface finish for the parts, the paint can adhere to the surface much easier, helping to achieve a more uniform coverage that can last for years
  • Improve lifespan of metal parts – rust is something that can quickly spread across a component. As the rust increases, it weakens the component’s strength and durability. By removing the rust, you can ensure that you have optimised the lifespan of the part

Supersheen A Better Finish, Faster.

We Guarantee Quality With A Fast Efficient Turnaround

At Supersheen, we take pride in delivering high quality derusting and descaling services for all of our customers. Alongside high quality pre-finishes, we are also proud to offer a fast and efficient service, in fact, fast turnaround times is something we strive to deliver on. We understand that some of our customers will require solutions quickly, and with our capabilities and facilities, we can meet those demands regularly.

Is derusting and descaling right for you?

Derusting and descaling is an ideal for pre-finishing service for small to medium-sized metal components. Here at Supersheen, we can treat parts requiring oxide or stain removal that are up to 2 metres long.

Many businesses will rely on the surface preparation process to create a smooth finish on their components both quickly and efficiently. Some components which undergo this process often include:


  • Presswork
  • Screw products
  • Bolts
  • Nuts
  • Rivets

Use Derusting and Descaling in Many Industries

Derusting and descaling services are used to improve the surface finish and enhance the life span of parts. Additionally, they are heavily relied upon to prepare a surface ahead of the finishing process. With this in mind, the service is used across a wealth of industries including:

Automotive | Aviation | Electronics | Presswork companies

Metals Suitable for Derusting and Descaling Services:

Some of the common metals that can undergo derusting and descaling are:

Steel | Copper | Aluminium

What is derusting?

Derusting is a type of surface preparation process used in the manufacturing and finishing of metal parts. Derusting involves using the vibratory machines at Supersheen to remove the rust from parts. This can help to increase the lifespan of a component and improve the overall paint finish the component is due to have.

What is descaling?

Descaling is another type of finishing process involving the removal of heat treatment oxides and scale removal from metal parts. Supersheen utilises vibratory and barrel finishing technique to create a sleek surface finish. Descaling can remove many contaminants including:

Limescale | Calcium | Rust | Water Scale Buildup

Do you use chemicals?

Descaling and derusting has various methods depending on the company that is delivering the service. However, here at Supersheen we remove the rust using vibratory methods and with the absence of any strong mineral acids. We usually use some form of media along with a mild acidic compound which breaks down the rust.

About this Process

The metal derusting and descaling process is often used on parts that have been left out in the rain or have been left to rust in the warehouse. With our vibratory methods here at Supersheen, we can remove the rust. We combine media with a mild acidic compound which essentially erodes and scrubs the rust off of the components. Next the components go through an inhibitor stage which prevents the parts from any further rusting. This derusting and descaling process is fairly common across the metal finishing industry and can be used across a variety of pressed metal components.

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Our Processes At Supersheen

Here at Supersheen we are proud to prioritise customer satisfaction across every one of our metal finishing services. We want our customers to be proud of the work we have delivered, and with this in mind, offer a trial service to all of our customers with their chosen service and part. By providing our customers with a trial service to be applied to one of their components, they can get a real feel for what to expect, and can assess the results to ensure it’s the most suitable service for their requirements.

To begin with, our customers will send enquiries through the website which will be picked up by one of our expert metal finishers. At this point Supersheen will put forward any enquiries they have about the project and vice-versa. This can sometimes include asking for access to any drawings of the parts the customer may have.

Once the trial takes place, ourselves and our customers will assess the work and decide whether or not to proceed with the project in full.

If we discover that derusting or descaling isn’t suitable, together we can explore other options.

Some other services that could prove more suitable include:

About Supersheen

Supersheen is a metal finishing company based in the West Midlands. We have been operating for over five decades and have worked with companies all over the country. We have an unbeatable reputation for quality parts and a passion for ensuring our customers have a great experience every time. With an honest and transparent approach to metal finishing, you can rely on Supersheen to meet your requirements in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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