There are plenty of ways to go about polishing all of your metal pieces that you need to polish. Some people will do this by hand, and rub off all of the discoloration. There are easier ways of going about it though. There are professional companies who will do the polishing for you. One way is to take it through a barrel polisher and get it all shined up. This process deals with adding the metal pieces into a barrel with water and other metal pieces and tumbling it around to basically get all the discoloration off and to shine it up. Another way to polish it is called deflashing.

Deflashing is similar to barrel polishing in its foundation, but there are parts of the process that are different. For instance, you do not add the metal pieces into the barrel with water to lubricate it. Instead, you add the pieces in a barrel and instead flash them with very cold temperatures, cryogenic temperatures, in order to help remove the nasty bits from the pieces of metal.

The idea of cryogenic deflashing starts in a barrel, and then usually liquid nitrogen is added in with the metal you are looking to polish. This is to basically get them to a very frozen temperature. After this is achieved, the pieces are then blasted and tumbled with other pieces of metal pellets, much like the barrel polishing, in order to get the imperfections gone from the metal pieces. Sometimes, depending on the company doing it, there is no need for the blasting part, only the tumbling. It depends on who is doing it, and their process.

When these pieces come out of the barrel, they are shiny and smooth, and look basically brand new. It is one great way of getting those older and tarnished pieces looking like the day you first bought them. This process works on many small pieces, like fasteners and washers. It even works on some other materials like silicones and plastics. Regardless of what you are looking to deflash, there are plenty of options out there for you to choose from. Many professional companies are set up to only do this process and they will help you choose the best one for the pieces that you have. It is a great way of getting some of that old junk in your shed to look brand new and enticing again.