Our skill, alongside a wide assortment of cryogenic deflashing machines, has permitted us to modify hardware, imagine procedures and expert the craft of transforming your accuracy segments into fantastic, completed parts.

Supersheen Cryogenic deflashing and deburring is a standout amongst the most proficient and financially savvy procedures to expel streak from infusion formed parts and burrs from machined segments. This procedure can be finished on a wide assortment of materials, including elastic, plastic, silicone and light beyond words.


Cryogenic deflashing of elastic and plastic parts evacuates undesirable remaining mold streak that is found on formed parts after expulsion from the mold. Blaze is normally found in regions where the mold meets up or separated, when the fluid mold material breaks from the mold cavity amid generation. Cryogenic deflashing does not corrupt the parts or damage their completion, with just the glimmer uprooted and the part’s state held. Edges stay sharp and recessed ranges are totally cleaned of blaze.

In the generation of tires for traveler autos some settling work must be done to make the tire flawless and appealing. This implies elastic flashes should be uprooted.

Flashes can be found on the surface of a tire on the contact region and additionally on the shoulders. Deflashing should be possible effectively by dunking a pivoting tire into fluid nitrogen for cooling the flashes making them sufficiently weak for scrubbers to wipe them off.

An extensive variety of shaped materials can be deflashed with incredible exactness:

  • Silicone
  • Plastic
  • Rubber
  • Die Casting

Ordinary samples of uses that utilization cryogenic deflashing include:

  • O-rings and gaskets
  • Medical inserts, surgical devices and gadgets
  • Electronic connectors, switches, and bobbins
  • Gears, washers and fittings
  • Grommets and adaptable boots
  • Manifolds and valve squares
  • The Deflashing and Deburring Process

Utilizing fluid nitrogen amid our deflashing and deburring procedure, segments are brought down to a temperature that permits the material to end up weak. At that point, using our cryogenic deflashing machines the glimmer and burrs are effortlessly uprooted without adjusting the completion on the parts. Sometimes, we are requested that change the completion on specific parts or give a cleaned or textured completion. Bolt Cryogenics will work intently with you to accomplish the com