Summary. We are a family-run metal finishing company with over 50 years of experience, excelling in delivering immaculate finishing for metal components across major industries like automotive, aerospace, and motorsports. Specialising in services like vapour degreasing and vibratory finishing, they ensure high-quality results with efficient turnarounds.

For over 50 years, Supersheen has had the pleasure of providing a matchless metal finishing service to many major industries. These include automotive, architectural, aerospace, and motorsports, to name a few. As a family-run company, we understand the importance of achieving immaculate metal finishing results on components, while also delivering exceptional customer service.

In today’s article, we’re going to depict the main industries that we work with to understand why Supersheen sets itself apart in the sectors. From ball burnishing to vapour degreasing, our company has the skills and expertise to finish metal surfacing flawlessly.

Types of Industries We Work With

Automotive Industry

We predominantly specialise in the automotive sector. Focusing on both aesthetics and performance, we have worked with some of the biggest names on the market. Vapour degreasing, as well as barrel and vibratory finishing, allow us to initiate a fully comprehensive metal finishing process. Consequently, ready for painting and plating.

The automotive sector requires a certain level of seamlessness in results. But, unlike other metal finishers in the West Midlands, we do this in the most efficient way possible. Our services are differentiated due to the fast turnaround times that we guarantee our clients. Turnarounds that allow us to still prioritise the same level of impeccable quality.

Fasteners Industry

Fasteners are widely in demand. Because of this, our metal finishing for fasteners service is one of our most prestigious. We finish metal fasteners through the descaling and cleaning of nuts and bolts before you move on to plating and painting. As we strive to go the extra mile, we polish all stainless steel components to ensure they’re immediately ready for consumer use.

This counteracts the greasy and oily film that parts acquire during the production stage. By thoroughly polishing all metal components, our final product is both highly presentable and in pristine condition. Therefore, continuously satisfying clients whom we’ve partnered with for many years.

Press Work Industry

Supersheen is also widely known for providing the press work sector with unblemished metal parts. Specifically looking at vapour degreasing, cleaning, deburring, de-rusting and descaling, we provide press work with immaculate quality parts, immediately ready for manufacturing purposes.

Our vast experience in the press work sector ranges over half a century. This level of practical knowledge has led us to perfect our methods in metal finishing, consistently identifying ways that we can develop our processes to meet the needs of our and our client’s industries.

Supersheen: Top Quality Metal Finishing Company

If you’re looking for a metal finishing company that concentrates on every last detail, we’re your people. At Supersheen, we have the resources and ability to finish metal components to the highest standards, no matter the batch size. If you’d like further information on how each of our finishing techniques works or would like to find out whether we can adhere to your business’s needs, get in touch today on 0121 327 0027.

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