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Barrel polishing is one of the many metal finishing services we offer at Supersheen.

We’ve been a leading metal finishing company for over fifty years. So, with the extensive knowledge we have, we ensure to give you the best advice. Therefore, enabling you to invest in a metal finishing service that’s right for you, whether it’s barrel polishing or other vibratory finishings.

Supersheen offers a fast and efficient turnaround on both small and large batch quantities. We also offer FREE process testing to any company submitting components for trial and a full cost analysis is given upon completion. We strive for perfection with out work and ethics and our customers goal is our absolute priority.

Some of the industries we work with include:

  • Automotive
  • Architectural
  • Aerospace
  • Motorsport
  • Manufacturing

Barrel Polishing Services At Supersheen

Barrel polishing is a type of metal surface improvement process. Sometimes known as barrel tumbling, it involves rotating a mixture of parts, media, and compounds to improve a surface finish. Surface finishing is an important part of industrial and mechanical component manufacturing.

Barrel polishing is used to achieve a shiny and smooth surface finish on specific products. This can improve the overall look and feel of a part but also improve the component’s internal properties.

The Benefits Of Barrel Polishing

Alongside creating a smooth and finished look to a part, barrel polishing services can also provide a series of other benefits such as:

  • Improving overall resilience – barrel polishing can help to improve the resilience, corrosion resistance and tensile strength of a component.
  • Remove defects – naturally during the manufacturing process defects can occur on a part. Barrel polishing can help to remove any burrs and other surface flaws on a part.
  • Consistent surface finishing – when it comes to mass finishing, it’s important that all of the components have a uniform finish. Barrel polishing is one of the best finishing processes to achieve consistent results.
  • Surface finishing at a scale – barrel tumbling is one of the most successful ways of finishing a large quantity of parts in a short time frame. Little handling is required and multiple batches can be processed without having to compromise on the uniformity and quality of the finish.

Supersheen A Better Finish, Faster.

We Guarantee Quality With A Fast Efficient Turnaround

At Supersheen, alongside delivering high quality barrel finishing services, we strive to meet fast turnaround requirements too. As experienced metal finishers, our advice and knowledge is invaluable when it comes to supporting our customers. We take pride in being able to offer expert advice to our customers and as a result can always ensure they are investing in the right service to meet their requirements.

Is barrel polishing right for you?

Barrel polishing is ideal for mass finishing small components. Many businesses will rely on the surface improvement process to create a smooth finish on their components both quickly and efficiently. 

Barrel polishing is extensively used on:

  • Presswork
  • Fasteners
  • Machined aluminium
  • Diecast aluminium
  • Zinc parts
  • Stainless steel components
  • Brass stampings
  • Other types of hardware
  • Mined materials
  • Precious stones and gemstones

Use Barrel Polishing in Many Industries

Barrel finishing can eliminate the need for more expensive and time-consuming hand-finishing methods. With this in mind, there are many different industries that rely on this process to finish their parts.

Some common industries that use barrel polishing include:

Automotive | Aviation | Electronics

Metals Suitable for Barrel Polishing

Some of the common metals that can undergo barrel polishing are:

Brass | Zinc | Stainless Steel | Aluminium

What is barrel polishing?

Often known as barrel tumbling, barrel polishing is a metal finishing process used to create a smooth and polished finish on small parts. It involves placing the parts into a barrel along with media, chemicals, and other compounds and rotating the barrel around at a speed. Rotating the barrel will cause friction by the parts tumbling into each other and as a result improve the surface finish of each component.

Does tumbling remove material?

Put simply, the barrel polishing processes smoothes and polishes the surface of manufactured parts. To do this, it will rely on the friction to remove unwanted defects and excess material causing the uneven surface.

What is the best media to use in a tumbler?

The best media to use in a tumbler will entirely depend on the material of the partas and the volume of the parts being tumbled. However, when it comes to deburring hard metals such as steel, ceramic media is often used.

About this Process

While a method that has gone back many years the core principles of Barrel polishing remain the same. The barrel is usually a round, hexagonal, or octagonal container which contains stainless steel balls. Components are then introduced into the barrel alongside the polishing chemicals and water before a lid is placed onto the machine. The barrel and all of its contents are rotated at around 20 rotations per minute. A sliding layer is created inside the barrel which imparts a rubbing feature between the stainless steel balls and the components. As a result of the rotation and this rubbing feature, a bright finish is created on the products over a period of time, thus leaving the components polished.

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Our Processes At Supersheen

At Supersheen, customer satisfaction is our utmost priority and to ensure each of our customers are happy with the end result, we offer a trial service before taking on every project. Our customers have the opportunity to have their chosen service trialled on one of their own components. This means they can assess the results and make sure they find the service appropriate for their requirements.

To do this, we’ll respond to your initial enquiry and send over any questions we have about your components and what you are looking to achieve. This could include requesting access to any drawings.

Next, a free trial will be offered so that all parties can be sure that barrel polishing is the most suitable metal finishing service for you. Either you can come to our premises to deliver your parts ready to be trialled,, or you can post them. Once the trial is complete, we’ll return the components to you where you can decide if you’d like to proceed.

If we discover barrel polishing isn’t suitable, together we can explore other options.

Some other services that could prove more suitable include:

About Supersheen

Based in the West Midlands, Supersheen has over five decades of experience in metal finishing services. We’ve worked with a wealth of businesses all over the country and have established a fantastic reputation for high quality metal finishing and fast turnaround times. We believe what makes us different from other companies is our transparent approach with customers and their projects.

Our goal is for every customer to be happy with their parts, so we’ll be the first to speak up if we think that a type of metal finishing isn’t appropriate for their requirements. The service doesn’t stop at an invoice with Supersheen; we’ll gladly be on hand to offer our knowledgeable advice and support when needed. That’s why we believe we’re one of the best barrel polishing companies in the UK, because you can rely on us every time.

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