Summary. Ball burnishing, a professional metal polishing process offered by Supersheen, involves using dense steel to smooth and shine metal surfaces. More intricate than deflashing or barrel polishing, it creates a reflective surface by impacting and flattening the metal’s peaks, resulting in a lustrous finish.


Having stubborn pieces of metal that have not stayed shiny can be a nuisance. It can be hard to find a great way of polishing everything up in a way that is quick and effective. There is deflashing and barrel polishing, and if you are really inclined, you could do it by hand. But there is also ball burnishing, a process that is done by professionals. With over fifty years experience in the metal finishing industry, Supersheen offer high quality ball burnishing services.

Continue reading to look at the basics of ball burnishing to help you establish a greater understanding into the process.

What is Ball Burnishing?

In essence, this form of polishing usually happens naturally when metal is rubbed continuously against another piece of metal. For instance, it can happen with ball bearings. In addition, it is why some pieces are very shiny, if there is a ball and socket fixture. However, you can also do it as a way to polish certain pieces of metal as well.

The ball burnishing process happens over a period, both naturally and as a metal polishing service. You can use this method on mostly anything, but it is a more involved process than deflashing or barrel polishing.

Basically the process is forcing a sort of heavy, dense steel against another piece of metal. It will impact that work piece and go over the peaks of its surface profile. This is where it ends up creating a bigger area that will eventually reflect light, thus being shinier.

Ball Burnishing Services at Supersheen

Getting all of those old metal pieces shined up and looking like new is always a great feeling. Sometimes you do it for aesthetic reasons, and other times you need it done for the function. With the many choices of metal polishing out there for you to choose from, you will find anything that you could possible need.

Ball Burnishing is a process that is highly mechanical and most often you cannot do yourself. You will need a professional who can come in and do it for you. But don’t worry because as a leading ball burnishing company, we can help. When you have them all shiny and new in your hands, you will be happy you went to a professional.